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Tax Controversy Attorney
Former IRS Attorney with more than 32 years’ experience
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A tax controversy attorney, who has substantial prior experience as an attorney with the Office of Chief Counsel Internal Revenue Service, will know the federal tax system from the inside as few others can. An attorney who is very capable in the courtroom will most likely be able to achieve a superior and efficient settlement. Mr. Kutten has 30 years’ experience as a Senior Attorney with the Office of Chief Counsel Internal Revenue Service.

He draws upon his extensive tax knowledge to represent individuals and organizations throughout the country to help them resolve their federal tax controversy.Many attorney’s boast or brag about their prior success.  Each case is different, and the result will vary depending upon the legal issues, the facts, and the different IRS personnel involved in each case.  Accordingly, results will vary.

If prior success is a measure of future success, you should retain an attorney with substantial experience in the legal field in which you need to hire an attorney.

In the legal field, especially financial matters, client confidentiality is paramount.  Mr. Kutten does not divulge his client’s private matters and accordingly your personal matters will also receive the same confidentiality.