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Tax Controversy Attorney
Former IRS Attorney with more than 32 years’ experience
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Jim-Kutten-tax-attorney-STL-portraitJames Kutten – Tax Controversy Attorney

James Kutten is a seasoned litigator in the U.S. Tax Court. Mr. Kutten has 30 years’ experience litigating cases as a senior attorney with the Office of Chief Counsel Internal Revenue Service. Mr. Kutten’s prior litigation involved tough and difficult cases (i.e., indirect method of proof income analysis, federal estate tax valuation issues, tax shelters, partnership transactions, and civil fraud penalties, just to name a few). Based upon his experience, Mr. Kutten is very comfortable in the courtroom. Mr. Kutten is also available to litigate cases other federal courts.

Tax Controversy Attorney

James Kutten , tax controversy lawyer, represent clients who are being audited by the IRS for all types of tax (individual income tax, corporate tax, employment tax, estate and gift tax, excise tax, and tax penalties (including negligence, valuation, tax fraud, and preparer penalties)).